What is the philosophy of brand Haber?

What is the philosophy of brand Haber?

Haber is a personal care brand with a team of passionate & scientific people where we are reinventing personal care with science & truth by innovating products which are safer, simpler & accessible as well as it should be really effective & working keeping in mind People, Planet & Profitability (We won’t lie as we are working for our profit too, that’s why profitability is there). We believe that personal care should not be a luxury nor should it be confusing. Instead it should be safe, simple to understand without any fear-mongering or myth and should be in reach of most people. We are working on every aspect right from ingredients (safer & non-irritating) through packaging (the suitable packaging with respect to the product) to the final product (its effectiveness & working) to give a wow experience. We are open minded within our team and for customers too & ready to embrace change for betterment.

 Our Approach:

  • We will share true information without any myths and will give you complete transparency related to the products as we want you to choose any personal care product with complete & true knowledge.
  • No false promises or hype or any exaggerations.
  • Safer & non-irritating ingredients selection.
  • No fear mongering related to ingredients or anything. We always want you to purchase on trust & truth and for that we will also tell you about our products limitations if it has any.
  • We will be consistently giving effort for customer satisfaction through our products, information and services.

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