What is Waterless Personal Hygiene?

What is Waterless Personal Hygiene?

We at Haber are reinventing personal hygiene ! Come join the party ! 


Personal Hygiene is one of the most basic needs of mankind in leading a healthy and happy life. The notion of personal hygiene is not only limited to aesthetic sense of looking and feeling better but has deep roots in science in preventing many disease and conditions.   

We live in a surrounding which has so many biotic as well as abiotic components like dust, microbes, dirt, oil, pollutants and many more things from which our body interacts. Our body has limited capacity in tackling these conditions like the microbes on our skin surfaces is stopped from entering our body by cell membranes which acts as a barrier but it remains on the skin and if its population increases it may enter our body through other routes like oral route. 


Body having limited capacity in tackling such factors so we need to aid our body externally to keep it clean and hygienic and all this is generally done with the help of water which helps in removing the microbes, dust, dirt and oil from the skin surface. Water alone is not sufficient in removing all those undesirable substances from the skin surface so we generally use soaps, shampoo, facewash, bodywash and many more products which help water in cleaning. 


What is the role of soap, shampoo, facewash, bodywash in cleaning skin surface?

Soap, shampoo, facewash, bodywash all these help water in brining the oil, dirt, dust and microbes into water which is then rinsed and skin of our body becomes clean. The main ingredient behind working of these products is surfactant which may be natural or synthetic but work on same principle. Water alone is poor in dissolving oil, grease hence won't be a good cleansing agent.

What is the role of water? 

Water keeps all the unwanted item from skin surface in itself and then further it is rinsed by fresh water. So water basically acts a sink of these unwanted items of skin surface.

What is Waterless Personal Hygiene? 

Water is used in maintaining personal hygiene since it is available in plenty and almost at no cost so it is the natural choice. However the use of water for maintaining personal hygiene has been so ingrained in our mind that we tend to think that personal hygiene can't be maintained without water. This notion stops many people from accessing personal hygiene like elderly people with limited mobility, bedridden patients, travellers, people at water scarce places. 

We at Haber took this as a challenge and started building Waterless Personal Hygiene products like  Haber Zero Water Bath, Haber Zero Water Shampoo, Haber Zero Water Facewash. All these products are waterless personal hygiene products and all the oil, dirt and grease from the skin surface, hair and face can be transferred to a cloth towel which altogether avoids the use of water thus makes it accessible for Anyone and can be used Anywhere, Anytime.


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