Must ask questions about "Haber" and its products.


Q. Why “Haber”?

Ans. Haber is here with a vision of reinvention of personal care that is based on science & truth and not any fear-mongering or hype. All our products will be simpler, safer, accessible and should be working & effective. So let’s get started on a journey of science & truth.


Q. Is there anything that is “Chemical-Free”?

Ans. Nothing is chemical-free. Every product or anything contains chemicals whether it's plant-based, natural, organic, or synthetic. It is a misconception that natural or organic personal care products are better than lab synthesized chemicals but it is not always true. There are many toxins and ineffective plant ingredients whereas many synthetic chemicals are way better than their naturally derived source and many times natural ingredients are better than their lab synthesized counterparts. We should not judge a chemical as it is synthetic or naturally derived because other factors need to be considered too. Visit our blog on chemicals for more insights and factors.


Q. What is the Zero Water products series?

Ans. Three products in this series are waterless body wash, waterless face wash, and waterless shampoo where these products work as per their name but don’t need any water for rinsing. We need to spray, massage, wipe and we’re ready to go with a very desired cleaning & freshness of our body. These products are a complete revolution where it gives you access to freshness & hygiene anytime, anywhere without any need for water and bathing area as such.


Q. How hygiene & freshness can be possible without water?

Ans. First, we would like to thank you for your interest in zero water hygiene products. In our conventional hygiene products, water uses is to rinse dirt and residues. Water does not give any cleaning action but just acts as a carrier to remove products that cleanse the body. It is the body wash, face wash or, shampoo that performs the actual cleaning action and the water is used to remove the products containing dirt from our body. In our waterless products, the action of cleaning will be performed by our products and those dirt-containing products will be wiped from our body through a towel. Our products can be easily wiped with a towel and hence we can remove the water used for rinsing in the cleaning process.


Q. Will there be any residue left on our skin or hair after the use of Zero Water products?

Ans. You must have felt your skin soft & good fragranced after you take a shower and you apply creams on your body allowing it to remain on your skin to have its effects. So, a residue is there on your skin with both rinse-off and leave-on products and those are not always harmful to our skin. In the same way, our products left some residue but those are good residues that don’t cause any problem. Those residues are beneficial for our skin that will give some added benefits. There are allowed concentrations as per the research for different ingredients up to which they are safe in leave-on products. So, the residue that remains on our body after use is safe and has some beneficial properties that will give long-lasting freshness.


Q. Who can use these products?

Ans. Everyone can use these products. The products are so simple to use and effective that it is for all ages. Whether you are an elder, young person, child or of any age you can get freshness with Zero Water products.


Q. When we can use these products?

Ans. We can use these products anywhere, anytime as you don’t need to worry about water and bathing area for your freshness. Name any situation and these products will be a good fit like after gym & sports, during traveling, between changing clothes, etc.


Q. How we can use these products?

Ans. The products are so simple to use that they can give your complete body freshness within minutes. For Zero Water Bath & Zero Water Face Wash you need to spray, massage & wipe whereas for shampoo you need to spray, massage & towel dry. Three simple steps and you ‘re ready to go with freshness & confidence.