Our Vision

Haber is a personal care brand with a vision of reinventing personal care with science & truth. Whatever we say will be the truth and everything offered will have the backing of science. Reinventing means we aspire to make this world a place where the people will start looking for real science, genuineness & transparency in the products they use, and the company should offer their products or ideas with the truth. The products we offer should work or function as per the claim and they should not involve any hype, exaggerations, or any marketing gimmick.

Our approach in formulations & customer experience:

  • Every customer is valuable to us and we are obsessed with our customers.
  • We will share true information without any myths and will give you complete transparency related to the products because we want you to choose any personal care product with complete & true knowledge.
  • No false promises or hype or any exaggerations.
  • Safer & non-irritating ingredients selection.
  • Customers should buy products based on science & truth: We will also tell the limitations of our products if it has any.
  • Consistent effort for customer satisfaction through our products, information, and services.